Having dedicated six years of our life to training, we are extremely passionate to share our knowledge and motivation with you, so that you can learn, develop and achieve your personal fitness goals.

To us, most important about training is keeping it fun, so that commitment can be maintained in the long-term. We provide a range of support services including: body composition assessment, goal setting, training programme prescription, nutritional guidance and exercise specific advice, whilst motivating you throughout the entire process, which with your commitment will guarantee results.


We began our fitness journey in 2014, our dad introducing us to the gym after injuries prevented us playing sport. Initially, like many young lads, we started off bench pressing every day with the hope of becoming ‘strong’, it didn’t take us long to realise the importance of a well-balanced physique, realising that our chest became disproportionately large compared with the rest of our body. We attribute most of what we have learnt to watching, chatting to and copying others, something we can’t recommend enough for you to go and do.

Our strength-based training soon transitioned more towards calisthenics (a form of exercise utilising bodyweight and gravity to improve strength, flexibility and fitness), inspired by a trip to the circus. We learnt that weights could help us change our bodies, Tom wanting to lose weight, James wanting to gain weight, but which over time evolved into us developing the same goal – to build muscle. This led to us training with a unique combination of bodybuilding and calisthenics, which five years on still continues.

The greatest change in our physiques have been observed in recent years. We attribute this to our dedication to training, pushing limits every time we enter the gym and not having more than five days off since we started. This has been possible through developing a love for fitness, making it fun – we never see going to the gym as a task or something we ‘have to do’. Additionally, we constantly strive to learn, through continuing to watch and seek advice from others, reading, online research and graduating from Loughborough, first in the world for sport, where we trained every day at the legendary Powerbase gymnasium.

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