“The Gray’s have helped me maintain my strength while losing 2lbs a week! I didn’t feel hungry during the cut, in fact I was on more calories than I was before my cut. Great tips and tutorials on their exercises, they’re always checking up with me every week to make sure I’m on track. Will definitely be using their online coaching again for my next cut!


If it wasn’t for Grays Fitness I would never have looked at the gym, they gave me the motivation to change, to progress to a better version of myself, they helped me with advice as to what exercises to do, how to maximise their effect and how to manipulate my diet to achieve my goals, even on days where I didn’t want to step foot in the gym they gave me the motivation I needed to get on with it – I couldn’t recommend them more


“I have always been into my fitness but Gray’s fitness gave me that extra push I needed to see big improvements. Doing a pull up was my number one goal and I wouldn’t have got there without Tom. I also learn’t the importance of a healthy, balanced diet, the nutrition advice was great and easy to follow! I loved how the service was personalised towards my goals – 100% Gray’s fitness is awesome!”


“Gray’s fitness helped me greatly since my weight loss surgery in 2017. Tom and James created an excercise program tailored for my abilities, which they reviewed as I progressed and became fitter and stronger. Tom also offered some dietary advice that also helped me in my weight loss journey. Give them a try, you won’t be disappointed”

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